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Cedarville Comedy is a Chicago-based Christian sketch comedy group that seeks to explore the often absurd realities of our Christian subculture to teach and entertain for the glory of God.

In 2016, we were asked to write and produce a comedy video for our church. A few days later, Gracefully Graces Me had over a million views on Facebook. The Huffington Post featured an article about how this video relates to modern Christians and we realized that we had tapped into something that people were wildly interested in. This sparked conversations about God with people in our lives in ways we never imagined would have come about before. We were writing about our experience as Christians and using comedy as a means to openly discuss topics in a new way.

We officially became a team after that and called ourselves Cedarville Community Church, parodying a church in “anywhere USA”. Eventually, after some people mistook us for a real church, we changed our name to Cedarville Comedy.

Now, we continue to create comedy sketches online that reflect and comment on the Christian subculture we know and love. We've had over 3 million views this past year.